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Perspective: Nurturing a Team

Working in a team is hard, leading a team is harder. There are values that your team needs to follow and as a team leader, telling things what they need to do is never enough, telling them what values they need to follow will not work either. There are cases, keys, and learning points I found in the perspective of … Read More

Codebase, A Fearful Progammer, and a Beast.

6 years ago, I sat at the corner of the room, with a desktop and a beast. A monster that turns out to be a 6 years old, monolithic, poor-documented codebase.  It was 2013, and was my first full-time job as a programmer. I have never been so worried on coming to a place than my first day at work. … Read More

Developing a product from scratch. Part 2

In the previous Developing a product from scratch. Part 1 I have shared some points from the early journey of building Jamaah.app. In the part 2, I’d like to share things we faced and did after releasing it and how we overcame problem and came up with many new experiences for both of us. This posts is not intendedly very knowledgable, … Read More

Developing a product from scratch. Part 1

2 Months ago I and my friend shipped Jamaah.app, it is an app for Muslim to easily get in touch with their local masjid and stay updated to local Islamic events, masjid announcements, open donations, and questions being asked by the local community. Me and my co-founder, Gibran share the same common problem on some Muslim problems in Europe. We … Read More

My notes for new learner.

Nothing can be more adventurous than learning. Regardless of what you learn and how important the subject is, learning can be stressful yet fun at the same time, it is an exercise for your mind. It will make you more alive. Some people often have no idea where to start. What to learn and which resources will fit the best … Read More

Working remotely.

A few years ago, I don’t even think that people can work together in distance. Across countries and continents, different time zone and hundred thousand km away from one to another. But, now I’ve just come back from my 3 months working remotely full time in Indonesia for my German company. After almost 2 years in the company, I had … Read More

The Right Person to Work With.

After a series of scouting person to join my side project, I finally found a person who can fill the gap between my skill and the product I want to build. This was my 6th time. I previously failed all of them for some reasons. One of the most common ones is finding a person to work with. The process … Read More

Side Project and why keeping your enthusiasm is important.

After a year and half moving to Germany from Netherlands, settled in a comfortable living, I feel like there must be things to do to live up my day here, especially those days before I had my wife live with me 😀 . I have started several side projecst from early 2017 . It is collectively around 3 to 4 … Read More

Podcast I’m currently listening to.

For the past 2 years, I used to spend a lot of time alone. Living to student dorm in Enschede, move to another typical student house and then just before I finished my study in The Netherlands, I had to move to Dortmund, Germany and still. Live by myself.  This takes me a lot of time just doing thing by … Read More

Introducing Codeinitiative.org

We believe that coding would be an essential skill in this era. As robots, AI and digital assistants are replacing human’s job, this is a momentum for us as a digital society to start learning the essentials of how the digitalization flooding our life. Thousands devices and software are written in a code or programming language, even if the AI … Read More