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Technical experience: Why it is not an absolute but important part of a tech career.

As much as I enjoy crafting code, I started liking the most important part of it, the initial construction. I believe nothing can beat a well written, documented, clean code. But, before someone starts writing the very first piece of code, another person must understand every part of what the software will do. Oftentimes, people with a tech background have … Read More

Taking a break.

People often frustrated by many things in life. The job that doesn’t excite, the business that doesn’t take off, the friendship that complicates your life, and the list goes on. Sometimes you’re just too tired physically that makes everything looks so messed up, and complicated. Your brain doesn’t work well when you are tired. It doesn’t matter how trivial your … Read More


You finished a task, told your manager you’ve done that over slack. no responds. and then few hours later he/she bring over another task, without even responding to your previous chat. Congrats!

Sudah lama tidak menulis dengan bahasa indonesia.

Cara berpikir sangatlah dipengaruhi oleh bahasa, belakangan ini saya baru sadar bahwa sebenarnya semua tulisan saya (draft maupun published) menggunakan Bahasa Inggris. Hampir 80% diantaranya berakhir di draft list karena saya sulit menemukan padanan kata dari ungkapan yang ada dipikiran saya. Ketika menulis tulisan ini, tidak banyak waktu yang saya buang untuk menemukan kata-kata yang benar-benar ingin saya sampaikan. Tetapi, … Read More

The Internet Anonymity

Few years ago, when mIRC was the only chatting platform, I used several aliases to hide my real identity online. From a combination of my name, and number, number with some made-up words like Th4tboyzz21 or Gurlzxx21 and you name it (it is a thing back then, and still it is probably). It is a lot of fun, to talk … Read More

Perspective: Nurturing a Team

Working in a team is hard, leading a team is harder. There are values that your team needs to follow and as a team leader, telling things what they need to do is never enough, telling them what values they need to follow will not work either. There are cases, keys, and learning points I found in the perspective of … Read More

An Overthinker.

Reaching a quarter-life milestone. Things are getting more challenging yet exciting. You start getting a stable job but could not resist finding a new one, you start a new hobby along with your spouse, maybe some people are lucky enough to have a child at this age. Everyone has their own challenge and reality to endure. Going back to 5 … Read More

Codebase, A Fearful Progammer, and a Beast.

6 years ago, I sat at the corner of the room, with a desktop and a beast. A monster that turns out to be a 6 years old, monolithic, poor-documented codebase.  It was 2013, and was my first full-time job as a programmer. I have never been so worried on coming to a place than my first day at work. … Read More

Developing a product from scratch. Part 2

In the previous Developing a product from scratch. Part 1 I have shared some points from the early journey of building Jamaah.app. In the part 2, I’d like to share things we faced and did after releasing it and how we overcame problem and came up with many new experiences for both of us. This posts is not intendedly very knowledgable, … Read More

Developing a product from scratch. Part 1

2 Months ago I and my friend shipped Jamaah.app, it is an app for Muslim to easily get in touch with their local masjid and stay updated to local Islamic events, masjid announcements, open donations, and questions being asked by the local community. Me and my co-founder, Gibran share the same common problem on some Muslim problems in Europe. We … Read More